Thomas Pearse

​The McConachy Clan & the Pearse Clan have been entwined since 1861 & meet annually at the historic 'Bark Hut' at Aireys Inlet in Victoria Australia.
Unlike many names, the spelling of Pearse has remained constant for hundreds of years. Often the spelling of a name is changed for various reasons; the family may be illiterate; the spelling may have been simplified or they may not wish to be identified with a particular place or person. 

This has not happened to the name Pearse. Early Devon parish records clearly show the name as being spelt with an ‘s’.
Although our family is not the only Pearse family with this spelling, it is less usual than Pearce or Pierce. This spelling has assisted the family in continuation of contact for nearly one hundred and fifty years since arrival in Australia.

The 'Bark Hut' at Aireys Inlet has remained a focal point for our Pearse family and after the family left Aireys Inlet in 1870, many of them continued to visit for holidays and picnics. The erection of the Pearse memorial cairn in 1960 led to a family gathering. The interest generated by this event provided impetus for similar gatherings. Firstly, the centenary of Thomas Pearse’s death in 1962, then the restoration of the Bark Hut in 1981 and, thirdly, the rebuilding of the hut in 1985 and subsequent official opening in 1986. These gatherings have not only drawn people from all over Australia but they have maintained a sense of pride in our forefathers and a sense of belonging to the Pearse family. 

The bonds were strengthened with the publication 'South Beach Pioneers' some 30 years ago PLUS now we have completed a conversion of this book into the 'South Beach Pioneers - eBOOK'.
The book takes its title from the name our ancestors used to describe the location of 'Angahook Station'. 

For a period of 20 years from 1852-1871, Tom and Martha, their daughter, Sarah, and son-in-law, Robert McConachy, lived and raised their families at South Beach. 

In addition, Tom’s elder brother, William, and his wife, Lucy, lived at South Beach. William, their only surviving son, was born there in 1858 and the Pearse family were the 'South Beach Pioneers'.

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