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Robert McConaughy

Robert McConaughy (1691-1758) landed at Chester, Delaware in about 1737.  He rode to Conowago Creek and traded his horse for a farm of 500 acres which is now Menallen Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania, but during the Revolutionary War it was known as York County. This farm continued to be the family home till after 1815.

Robert married Elizabeth Dinsmore (1691-1788) and founding what is sometimes called the “Gettysburg Branch” of the family.
His son David (1716-1815) was commissioned by George III as Sheriff of York. He also served only on the York County Committee of Safety and also in many other official capacities. A

nother son, Samuel (1723-1802), was also a member of the York County Committee of Safety.
Robert's geat grandson, Robert, married the David McConaughy's grand daughter, Mary Ann Frank. David McConaughy who was originally from County Antrim, Ireland, also settled in Chester County PA in 1793. 

David McConaughy

The son of Alexander McConaughy, David McConaughy (1762 - 1828) was born and grew up in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.  

He married Elizabeth Glissen OR Hopkins and then they migrated to Chester County, Pennsylvania in about 1793 where David worked as a Saddler.
In about 1804 David moved his family to Washington County, Pennsylvania where they settled on 180 acres that was part of the George Washington Tract. 

David also bought another 180 acres along Millers Run in Mount Pleasant Township in December 1817.

David's granddaughter, Mary Ann Frank married the great grandson of Robert McConaughy from the 'Gettysburg Branch' of the family. 

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The Robert McConaughy line name was changed by Jacob McConaughy to McConathy