James.W. McConaughey - Wisconsin

James. W. McConaughey was born in Ireland, around 1790.  He met and married Mary Elizabeth Rankin who was born in Scotland.  No actual birth dates or marriage dates are known but, James and Mary had at least one child, John William McConaughey.  It is not known if more children were born to this union.

John William McConaughey was born in Grange Milltown, Antrim, Ulster, Northern Ireland on the 17 November, 1817. On 10 April 1856 John William married Mary Ann Mealey in Woodstock, Canada. 

She was 17 years old at the time of her marriage and John was 39.

Mary Ann was born in Sligo, Ireland on 11 May 1839.  She had moved to Orono, Canada at the age of 7 with her parents and 5 siblings. Mary Ann was one of 6 children born to Robert and Mary Ann 'Nixon' Mealey. 

The name Mealey was changed from O'Malley when they came to Canada in 1846.
John and Mary Ann moved to Leavenworth, Kansas from Canada in 1861 and then in 1867 to Maiden Rock, Wisconsin, USA. 
They had 7 children.

  • Mary Ann - Born in 1857 & Died in 1896 - never married

  • Robert James - Born in 1859 & died in 1861 - died age 2
  • Margaret Jane - Born in 1861 & died in 1950 - married John Fuller - they had 5 children
  • Martha - Born in 1863 & died in 1949 - married Louis Frye - they had 1 child
  • Marion Alice - Born in 1866 & died in 1920 - married Charles Carlson - they had 1 adopted child
  • John William - Born in 1868 & died in 1925 - married Minnie Etta Rogers - they had 3 children
  • Robert James - Born in 1870 & died in 1953 - married Effie Mae Betterley - they had 7 children

Most of these children settled and had their families in Wisconsin, USA and a special mention to Carol McConaughey for all her help in gathering clan information



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