McConochie Clan

Jane McConochie

Jane McConochie immigrated from Scotland to Virginia on August 6, 1794.  It is said that it was her oldest children who formed and carried out the planned move to Kentucky, as her husband, James, had died in 1796, and this move was in about 1800.

Upon arriving in Kentucky, she bought a farm adjoining that of General Pogue.  She is said to have lived with her youngest child, Tobias, on a farm in Spencer County, Kentucky in the last years before her death in 1826.

The first record located of this family is in Flemingsburg, Fleming County, Kentucky and recorded there is the will of Jane Wight, widow, dated November 5, 1826.  The will mentions Betty Bowman (Beatrix Wight), "Allen" Fields (Allender Wight), Catherine Reed (Wight), Andrew Wight, Jemima Evans (Wight), Tobias Wight, George Wight, and Alex Wight.  

She also mentions a grandson, Gideon, and one son of Alex as well as friends William P. Fleming and Martin P. Marshall.   Witnesses to the will were M.P. Marshall R.F. Carr and Obea P. Nute.

Information (courtesy of Judy Wight Branson) taken from the book "The Wights II" by Lois Wight of Fort Ogden, Florida.

Special thanks to Claudia Duffield-Brauer for bringing her clan to The McConachy Clan 

Claudia Duffield-Brauer brought the McConochie clan to our attention .

Claudia Duffield-Brauer brought the McConochie clan to our attention .


A tribute to Claudia

 The ‘McConochie Clan’ extend our sincerest sympathy to the family of Claudia Duffield Brauer 

29/05/1964 to 20/08/2019.

Claudia came upon our the website some years ago and reached out to us to get a better understanding of her heritage. Claudia not only helped with the building of the ‘Jane McConochie’ family tree but was very active in supporting and researching her heritage. 

Claudia introduced many ‘McConochie’ family members from the USA into the heritage of their family and we will be forever indebted to her for her drive and enthusiasm, even in her struggle with cancer.




‘No more suffering with the pain and agony from cancer … marvellous

Fought, tolerated and suffered but the SOB in the end was stronger than me.

YOU, my beloved family, that I have to leave behind, is my largest and aching pain that I have and that I can’t live with you anymore.

I love you all so very much. Now I am going and will be there and waiting for you when you come.

Keep a place for me in your heart and memories.

We will meet again I promise and be comforted that a ‘Scottish lass of Clan Robertson’ is going home’